Cars And Extreme Weather

While you may be very familiar with all the ways you should regularly maintain your car, those rules can change once you move to an area where you are now dealing with extreme weather conditions. Most people imagine that extreme cold weather is the real problem for cars, but extreme heat can also be just as bad and even worse in some cases. Here are 5 ways you can protect your car from too much heat and coldness: Read More 

Caring For Your Car In Differnet Types Of Weather

If you live in an area that sees extreme highs or extreme lows, then you want to do your very best to protect your car from damage caused by such conditions as these. The information that's offered in this article can help you to keep your car in good working condition regardless of the weather conditions you happen to live in. Keeping your car running right in hot weather Keep up with the fluids – Your fluids can go faster in hot weather, and when it's very hot this means they can become low much sooner than you would expect. Read More 

How to Teach New Drivers About Car Repair

When you are teaching a new driver about taking care of a car, you want to make sure you go over all of the bases so they know what to watch for and how to keep their car in good running shape so they can avoid costly repairs in the near future. Here is some educational information you want to be sure you include when you are going over the basics of car care with them: Read More 

3 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Car This Spring

Spring is a great time to not only take care of your car, but take care of your house as well. Here are three simple ways you can take care of your car this spring. #1 Clean Your Headlights Headlights are often overlooked unless the bulb itself is out. However, you should clean your headlights off at least once a year. Over time, film develops over your headlights which reduces the amount of light that comes through them. Read More 

Reasons Your Car’s AC Isn’t Blowing Chilled Air

If it seems like your car's air conditioner takes a long time to cool you off, or if the air isn't as cold as it used to be, you should take it to the shop at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, the problem may continue to escalate until your air conditioner gives out totally on a very hot day. Getting your air conditioner serviced is usually a quick procedure, especially if you go to a shop that's dedicated to working on auto AC units. Read More