Six Vehicle Safety Upgrades To Consider


Every time you get into your vehicle and drive to work and back, you are exposing your life and that of your family to danger. You cannot avoid driving, neither can you totally avoid road accidents; but there are things you can do to reduce the risk and make your driving safer.


Tires are often taken for granted yet they are the part of your vehicle that carries the whole weight of your car and enable it to move. Bald tires are a huge safety risk. If your tires are several years old or worn, consider investing in a new set of tires.

Tires with deep treads offer better traction and fuel efficiency. Better still, get tires with special technologies for driving on snow and ice.


With marginal brakes, you are taking a risk that your car won't stop in time before hitting another car or object. While you may not need to upgrade to ceramic brakes, do make sure that you have adequate brake repair and that all components are aligned properly.

Reverse Camera

A reverse camera will give you an unrivaled view of your car's rear as you reverse. You will be able to see sections you would otherwise not see with conventional side mirrors. A reverse camera will help you to avoid hitting other cars, pedestrians and worse, children.

As a bonus, you can go for one fitted with cross-traffic alert, to warn you of hidden vehicles that are about to cross your path.

Lights and Mirrors

Improve your night visibility by installing modern headlights. These will allow you to see further and wider. They will also be brighter.

While you are at it, consider getting larger side mirrors for a wider view of your vehicles' sides. This is especially important, if you often transport wide loads such as boats or trailers.

Blind-spot Alarm

Have you ever tried changing lanes, only to narrowly miss another vehicle, which you had not seen through your rear view mirror? That is because it was at your car's blind spot.

You can now fit your car with a blind spot detector which will sound an alarm or flash warning lights whenever you try to change lanes, and there's another vehicle at that spot.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are meant to protect your car against tree branches or wild animals. But on the downside, they will cause more damage at a slower speed than other vehicles. Unless you really need them, consider removing them.

It does not take much to upgrade your vehicle's safety. All it takes is a new set of tires, better headlights, a reverse camera, blind-spot alarm; among others. Most of these upgrades can be done at an auto repair shop, like Main Street Garage . And you don't have to do them all at once.