Four Indications That You Need A Brake Inspection

As a car owner, it's crucial that your vehicle's brakes are working properly whenever you are on the road. That's why you want to visit a mechanic to have your car inspected if you notice any of these four problems.

Your Brake Pedal Touches The Floor

Be very cautious if your brake pedal ever starts touching the floor when you press down on it. Many people mistake this as an issue with the physical pedal itself, but it's an indication that you have a problem with the brakes. One potential problem is that your brake pads have worn incredibly thin, and they need enough force to require pressing the pedal to the ground. Have this problem looked at immediately by an automotive brake repair professional.

You Smell A Burning Odor

Have you ever stepped out of your vehicle after driving for a while and noticed a burning smell that seems to be coming from the tires? This is an indication that your car has a brake problem. When brake pads completely wear down, you'll have metal that is grinding against metal. It can produce a unpleasant burning smell, which will immediately be noticeable to you. Have a mechanic look at your car, since the problem may be as simple as replacing the brake pads with new ones.

The Pedal Shakes When Braking

Putting pressure on your brake pedal will go smoothly in most situations. However, one common problem that you may experience is a vibrating brake pedal. The vehicle may still stop with the pedal vibrating, but you're feeling this sensation because the brakes have caught onto something. Vibrations can cause even more damage to your vehicle, since there is a problem at hand that's harder to repair than replacing brake pads.

The Brakes Are Leaking Fluid

Your brakes use hydraulic fluid to allow the brake pads to put pressure on your wheels. If there is not hydraulic fluid in the system, the brakes are not going to work as intended. It is possible that you have a brake fluid leak somewhere within the system that is causing a problem.

It is difficult to spot brake fluid if you do have a leak. It's not dark like motor oil or bright red light transmission fluid. Brake hydraulic fluid is the same thickness as vegetable oil, but it is clear in color. If you see a puddle of the fluid underneath your car, you may want to have your car towed to a local auto shop for an inspection.