Diagnostic Strategies For Intermittent Engine Problems

Some of the worst engine problems are those that only appear intermittently. You notice a problem, but it disappears before you even take your car to the mechanics. The following tips should help you diagnose such problems. Establish a Pattern The best thing you can do for the diagnosis is to establish a pattern for the problems. How long does it take before the problem reoccurs? What is the weather like when the problem occurs? Read More 

Pinning Down That Troublesome Vibration

Mechanics see customers complaining of vehicle vibrations on an almost daily basis. When your car is vibrating, it indicates trouble, but the source isn't always easy to pin down. Although mechanics are highly skilled in finding the underlying cause of vibrations (and many other problems), it is still helpful to have as much information as possible when you bring your car to the shop. The more data you can provide to your mechanic, the more quickly they will be able to locate the problem and get you on your way. Read More 

The 3 Most Common Early Signs Of An Automotive Brake Problem

Brake problems are one of the most common issues car owners face. Thankfully, most brake system repairs are relatively simple and inexpensive to have done. However, if you ignore the early signs of a brake problem, it can lead to much more expensive repairs or even a tragic accident. To avoid unnecessary repair bills or accidents, it's important you know the three most common early signs of a brake system problem. Read More 

Tire Patching: Is It Worth It?

You can repair or replace a tire. Repairing it typically costs less, but there is a third option: patching. Patching costs the least of these, and it is similar to repair in that it fixes the tire and makes it usable again. However, a patch may not last as long as a repair, which begs the question, Is it worth it? The following info on tire patching will let you decide for yourself. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Choose A Fifth Wheel RV

If you're shopping for a camper or recreational vehicle and do not know which one you want to choose, you might want to consider the pros and cons of a fifth wheel RV. A few signs that a fifth wheel RV just might be the right choice for you and your family are outlined here. Of course, if you contact a dealer who sells used fifth wheels, you can find out more about them and why one of them might be right for you. Read More