Why Changing Your Oil And Filter Is Important

You have probably been told by a mechanic to change your oil at regular intervals, perhaps every 4,000 or five 5,000 miles or even as frequently as 3,000 miles. However, when that time comes around, you may think you can go longer without changing it as long as your car is running fine. If you don't think your car is being harmed by skipping a couple oil changes, then you may be surprised at what not changing your oil can do to your engine. Read More 

Why Your Car Is Overheating And How To Fix The Underlying Problem

If your car's engine is overheating when you drive, then you need to determine the cause of the problem before you drive your vehicle again. If you allow your vehicle to overheat, then the engine's seal can fail or the heads in the motor can crack, causing the need for very expensive repairs.  Here are the most common problems causing a car to overheat and their solutions: No Water in the Car's Radiator Read More 

2 Ways To Save Money On Auto Body Repair

Auto repairs are often a very unexpected and unpleasant surprise for many people, mostly due to the generally high cost of most auto body repair jobs. However, there are a few ways to save money when getting body work done on your vehicle, such as the two listed below. Ask If Paintless Dent Repair Is Possible One of the most common types of body work that you are likely to need on your vehicle is dent repair, mostly because most vehicles are not all that difficult to dent. Read More 

3 Ways to Get Excellent Transmission Service

In order to be sure that you are able to safeguard your car and stay on the road for as long as possible, you will need to protect your transmission. This is so critical, because transmission replacement is expensive and this transmission is integral to the success of your entire vehicle. To avoid a transmission replacement, which might cost as much as $3,500, start out by following these tips below for excellent maintenance. Read More 

Luxury Car Repairs That May Break The Bank And How To Prevent The Problems

If you have a luxury car, you should be aware of the maintenance cost that come with these types of vehicles. Maintenance to your car is important if you want to avoid costly repairs. Make sure that things like oil changes, and scheduled service maintenance is done regularly. Here are a few tips to help you avoid those costly luxury car repairs that may break the bank: 1. Filter Changes and Using Premium Fuels to Avoid Intake Problems Read More