Signs That Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Owning a vehicle means you not only get to drive anywhere you want, it also means that you get to keep up on the maintenance that will be required. One of the biggest maintenance tasks that you need to keep up on is the replacement of your brakes. After all, they are a crucial part in making sure that you and others remain safe. Take a moment to read through the following signs that indicate that there is a need to have your brakes replaced.

You Hear A Grinding Sound

You might not hear this sound if you always drive around with your radio turned up really high. Depending on the sound insulation in your vehicle, you might not hear it very well, even with the radio off if your windows are up. This is why it is important to occasionally drive with the radio off and at least one window down. This will ensure you will hear any grinding noises coming from the wheels if such a noise is present. If you do notice this sound, you will want to have the brakes checked as soon as possible. This sound is usually present when the brake pads have completely worn off and the metal brackets are now rubbing against the rotors. The longer you allow this to happen, the more likely it is that you will not only have to replace the brake pads, but the rotors as well.

The Brake Pedal Pulsates When You Push On It

You should not feel any strange movement or resistance when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. If you are feeling a pulsating sensation, it is likely that your brake pad is stuck on something within the wheel well and it is vital that you have it repaired right away. It may not be safe to continue to drive the vehicle until this issue is addressed. Therefore, it is best to call a tow truck so it can be towed to your mechanic or a nearby brake repair shop.

You Notice A Burning Smell As Soon As You Exit The Vehicle

The burning smell is not something that will linger around for too long. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are taking note of any smells you encounter as soon as you exit the vehicle. If you smell something odd, as though something was burning and it seems to be coming from the location of your tires, you need to have your brakes inspected and probably replaced. The burning smell is usually the result of the brake pads breaking or wearing thin and then getting stuck as they try to push against your rotors to help stop the vehicle.

Do make sure that you are taking your vehicle to a company that has a lot of experience with the replacement of brakes, such as Goose Automotive.