3 Services To Look For When Choosing A Repair Shop To Care For Your Spankin’ New Vehicle

After buying a new vehicle, it's important to find a quality auto repair shop, like Car and Truck Services Inc., you can rely on throughout the years for your maintenance and repair needs. Taking your vehicle to the same facility for care as time goes on will help ensure that it gets the attention it needs for optimal performance. Here are a few important services that the auto repair shop you decide to work with long-term should offer for ensured satisfaction:

Digital Diagnostic Readings

Because just about all newer vehicles are programmed with many electronic computer components, it's important to make sure that the auto repair shop you decide to work with long-term has the right digital diagnostic tools for our vehicle so they can hook it up to their system and gain access to any error codes that your computer system is transmitting. This will help your service provider quickly identify any problems that affect driving performance as time goes on and your vehicle ages. Without digital diagnostic tools, your mechanic may have to replace several parts or run multiple costly and time-consuming tests to diagnose and fix any problems that come up.

Computer Programming

If something does go wrong with your OBD computer or one of the various support computer systems in your vehicle as it ages, you may need to replace the computer altogether. But when a new computer has to be replaced, it needs to be programmed with your specific vehicle identification number and mileage, which isn't something all auto repair shops are prepared to do. The facility you ultimately decide to entrust with the care of your vehicle should have the tools necessary to program any computers that need to be installed, or they should have an agreement with a dealer who can do it for a discounted rate at the very least.

Secure Storage

If your vehicle ever needs to stay at the repair shop overnight, you should have the peace of mind in knowing that it will be safe from damage and theft. Make sure that the auto repair shop has a designated, secure storage area for vehicles that are in their care overnight. The space should be located in a locked garage or a fenced area that is capped with bobbed wire. The space should also be monitored by security cameras, and maybe even patrolled by a security officer.

Ensuring that your auto repair shop offers these services should make a positive difference in your maintenance and repair experiences as the years pass.