Understanding Vehicle Maintenance Services

Tire Patching: Is It Worth It?

You can repair or replace a tire. Repairing it typically costs less, but there is a third option: patching. Patching costs the least of these, and it is similar to repair in that it fixes the tire and makes it usable again. However, a patch may not last as long as a repair, which begs the question, Is it worth it? The following info on tire patching will let you decide for yourself. Read More 

3 Signs You Should Choose A Fifth Wheel RV

If you're shopping for a camper or recreational vehicle and do not know which one you want to choose, you might want to consider the pros and cons of a fifth wheel RV. A few signs that a fifth wheel RV just might be the right choice for you and your family are outlined here. Of course, if you contact a dealer who sells used fifth wheels, you can find out more about them and why one of them might be right for you. Read More 

Keeping Your Manual Transmission in Top Shape

One of the many advantages of driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is how simple it is compared to automatic transmissions. This simply means that manual transmissions often have fewer problems and last longer than their automatic counterparts, but the extra control afforded by shifting your own gears also means that there's more potential for driver behavior to affect wear and tear on the transmission. How you drive and shift your manual transmission vehicle will greatly affect the life of the transmission and being aware of behaviors that can cause problems will help you to avoid costly repairs down the line. Read More 

Tips for Avoiding Issues With Your Car’s Tires

Vehicle owners will often find that neglecting to properly care for their tires can be an easy mistake to make. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake that may place the driver and any passengers at risk of injury. The following tips can help you avoid issues with your tires and ensure a safer drive. Appreciate the Relationship Between Inflation & Wear Your tires will suffer some of the most extreme wear of any of your vehicle's components. Read More 

4 Surprising Suspension Maintenance Tips To Improve Safety And Fuel Economy

Did you know suspension maintenance is important to keep control of your car and drive safer? Part of the maintenance your suspension needs include changing the brake pads or having the tires changed and balance. Good maintenance to your suspension will not only keep you safe; it will also help improve gas mileage. The following suspension maintenance tips will help you save fuel and improve handling for safer driving: 1. Caring for Your Tires, Balancing Them and Getting Alignments Done Read More