Understanding Vehicle Maintenance Services

When To Seek Immediate Mechanical Attention For Your Car

If you're like most people, you've driven around after noticing signs of possible malfunctions in your automobile, thinking you'd get it to a mechanic soon enough. Although delaying service is not recommended under any circumstances because doing so can pose serious safety risks as well as end up costing you more money in the long run, some conditions are more serious that others. Following are three circumstances in which your car needs immediate attention by a professional mechanic. Read More 

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Owning a vehicle means you not only get to drive anywhere you want, it also means that you get to keep up on the maintenance that will be required. One of the biggest maintenance tasks that you need to keep up on is the replacement of your brakes. After all, they are a crucial part in making sure that you and others remain safe. Take a moment to read through the following signs that indicate that there is a need to have your brakes replaced. Read More 

3 Services To Look For When Choosing A Repair Shop To Care For Your Spankin’ New Vehicle

After buying a new vehicle, it's important to find a quality auto repair shop, like Car and Truck Services Inc., you can rely on throughout the years for your maintenance and repair needs. Taking your vehicle to the same facility for care as time goes on will help ensure that it gets the attention it needs for optimal performance. Here are a few important services that the auto repair shop you decide to work with long-term should offer for ensured satisfaction: Read More 

Why Changing Your Oil And Filter Is Important

You have probably been told by a mechanic to change your oil at regular intervals, perhaps every 4,000 or five 5,000 miles or even as frequently as 3,000 miles. However, when that time comes around, you may think you can go longer without changing it as long as your car is running fine. If you don't think your car is being harmed by skipping a couple oil changes, then you may be surprised at what not changing your oil can do to your engine. Read More 

Why Your Car Is Overheating And How To Fix The Underlying Problem

If your car's engine is overheating when you drive, then you need to determine the cause of the problem before you drive your vehicle again. If you allow your vehicle to overheat, then the engine's seal can fail or the heads in the motor can crack, causing the need for very expensive repairs.  Here are the most common problems causing a car to overheat and their solutions: No Water in the Car's Radiator Read More