What To Do When A Red Fluid Is Leaking Underneath Your Car

If you notice red fluid leaking underneath your car, it's necessary to do something about it as quickly as possible. The red fluid leaking underneath your vehicle is the transmission fluid. You might experience a complete transmission failure if you do not correct the problem as soon as possible.

Transmission Maintenance Requirements

Your transmission depends on an essential fluid to keep your transmission in good working order. If your transmission runs low, you'll need to top it off. If you aren't sure when to replace your transmission fluid, consult your manufacturer's guidelines. However, you might be unable to fix your transmission by adding more fluid.

Why Your Transmission Might Be Leaking Fluid

The seals and gaskets in your automatic transmission are meant to control the flow of hydraulic fluids. However, these fluids can start to leak and should be repaired. When your transmission fluid has fallen below a particular level, it will not be as effective. Then, other parts of your transmission can become damaged as a result.

What Happens When You Run Out of Transmission Fluid

In some cases, the transmission will not wear out immediately. Still, you will eventually need to replace the components of your transmission as it wears out over time. You may need to have the gearbox replaced.

The gearbox has around a thousand components that all work together to ensure that your car functions properly. Because there are so many moving parts, they will experience friction when they rub together. Therefore, they need to be lubricated so they don't wear out. Lubrication also ensures that you have a smooth and reliable clutch engagement.

The Important Job of Your Transmission Fluid

Another advantage of transmission fluid is that it protects your transmission from corrosion. Corrosion results from moisture coming into contact with metal parts and is a natural process that will destroy the inside of your transmission.

A transmission has many electrical components, and there are also a lot of electrical components around your transmission. The transmission fluid helps reduce the risk that your transmission will discharge electricity and cause damage to your vehicle.

Why You Can't Simply Top Off the Transmission Fluid

You can top off your transmission fluid as a quick fix. However, this is usually not good enough because the transmission fluid will leak once you have corrected the underlying issue. Having your transmission looked at by an auto service is better so you can replace the defective seal. The technician will also replace your transmission fluid with new fluid and inform you of whether there is a better fluid to use with your transmission. 

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