Things To Consider If You Want To Work As An Auto Tech

Automotive technician jobs are plentiful in the industry, but there are some things that you need to enter the field and have a long auto technician career. Training and some experience can go a long way to opening the first door, and adding certifications can also help with new opportunities.

Training Programs 

If you want to be an automotive technician, attending a trade school or college that offers automotive repair training can get you started. Schools that concentrate on the information you need to repair cars and trucks and teach students what they need to know about engines, transmissions, and other vehicle systems give you an excellent base to start with. 

It is also essential to get training in other aspects of the industry if you have aspirations of running your own shop someday but start with getting the tools and training necessary to get hired and start working in the industry first. The automotive industry is advancing quickly, so training is becoming more crutial than ever. 

After you finish the training program, taking additional classes or training that will help expand your knowledge and the vehicles you can work on can help you get a leg up on the competition and land the job you want. Many schools offer job placement after you graduate, so if you are looking for an automotive technician career in a dealership or other shop, they can help you find one that is a good fit.

Automotive Service Experieince

Gaining experience in the automotive repair industry can be helpful when looking for automotive technician jobs, and working part-time as an assistant in a small shop is an excellent way to get some. While you are training to be a technician, working at the local oil change or tire repair shop may be a good option. 

Putting some of the things you are learning in school to use on the job and having a supervisor that can offer you a positive reference is always beneficial. While the experience may be limited, the repair shop or dealership you are applying to may see the work as you being willing to start at the bottom and work hard to learn and advance. Combined with your training program degree, this experience may help you stand out in a stack of applicants with no real-world work experience.

Additional Certifications

When you are training for an automotive technician career, you may be able to test for certifications from ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) or other organizations. These certifications test your knowledge and skills in specific auto repair and service skills and are considered a mark of excellence in the industry.

Some shops will only hire ASE-certified technicians, so if you have the opportunity to test for them while you are in school, take it. That one certification can open doors for you that could lead to a long career in the shop you want to work in.