4 Problems With The Auto Exhaust System That Require Professional Fix

The cost of repairing your exhaust system will vary depending on the affected component. That being the case, you can avoid significant repair costs by addressing the warning signs of failure. Remember that besides keeping your vehicle quiet, your system ensures that exhaust fumes don't enter the passenger cabin. It also maintains optimal engine performance by providing optimal fuel distribution while minimizing emissions.

Here's a list of signs to look out for that indicate system complications.

The Braces Are Becoming Loose 

A common tailpipe problem you'll likely face is loose system brackets. These supports are made to secure the system, but they'll become loose over time due to wear. When this happens, you will note rattling noises from beneath your vehicle. If you don't seek a timely system overhaul, the brackets will become loose, and the tailpipe will eventually fall off. 

Rust Buildup On The System

When rust accumulates within your system, it can cause different problems with your car, including poor fuel economy. This problem is rampant for vehicle owners who like taking quick trips. The main concern with traveling short distances is that vapor will accumulate within the system and doesn't get combusted. Over time, the condensation will form corrosion in the inner part of the exhaust system.

A Damaged Oxygen Detector

You likely have a failing oxygen detector when you notice a rise in your vehicle's fuel usage. The sensor detects the oxygen level leaving the car exhaust. This information is then relayed to the vehicle mainframe, which adjusts the fuel mix in the engine. When the sensors fail, they will affect the fuel combination being burned in the engine cylinder. Therefore, when the error signal light turns on and you have been experiencing poor fuel economy, an auto repair professional should check the oxygen device.

Leakages Within Your System

Bumpy terrains are challenging to navigate for most cars. If you use these roads and your car has low ground clearance, your system won't last long. The constant jarring and damage from rock debris when driving in such terrain can cause deteriorated areas like links to develop cracks. This ultimately results in the leakage of poisonous fumes in the passenger compartment. So, if you smell any unusual odors, including smoke, seek the help of an experienced mechanic.

Your vehicle's functionality largely depends on the condition of the tailpipe. That said, if you note the issues highlighted above, don't forget to seek the services of an experienced auto repair professional.

Reach out to an automotive repair shop for more information.