Does Your Car Shake While Braking? Here Are Possible Reasons

As a car owner, it's crucial to learn the different ways to take care of it. This includes changing the engine oil, among other car maintenance practices. While you may keep up with regular maintenance, some issues may arise when you least expect them. Among the common issues is when your vehicle shakes while braking. Different things may be behind this problem. Here are a few things you should know.

The Brake Rotor Are Likely Warped

If your vehicle features a disc brake, you may experience shaking due to the warping of the disc rotor. Remember that such distortion occurs gradually, mainly due to the friction between the rotor and brake pad. If you believe that this is causing your vehicle to shake, contact an experienced brake repair professional to help you restore it to its original state. Even after restoration, the rotors are still prone to warping. The long-term solution for this problem would be to replace the rotor and brake pads.

The Braking System Dry Pins Are Problematic

If your vehicle brake pads and steering wheel shake whenever you come to a complete stop, the dry guide pins are to be blamed. The primary role of the pins is to guide the brake pads so that they can attach to the rotor. For optimal operation, you need to clean the pins regularly. If there is any corrosion, the pins may not direct the pads to the proper angle. The only way to determine whether the guide pin has issues is by visiting a professional mechanic for brake service.

Your Brakes Line Could Be Having Air

In some cases, you may have air trapped within the brake lines. This is likely to happen if you don't have any brake fluid left or there's a leak on the brake line. If this happens, you could hit the brakes, and they do not function normally. You may also press on the pedal until it reaches the floor before your car comes to a stop. In most cases, pressing the brake pad is associated with vibrations. If you believe that air in the brake line is the cause of your problem, visit a brake service professional to help you bleed the brakes and fill the lines with enough brake fluid.

If you drive your car and it shakes while braking, it's advisable not to ignore such a problem. Taking your vehicle for inspection by an experienced auto repair technician will ensure that you don't experience more issues down the road. For more information on brake service, contact a company near you.