Does Your Vehicle’s Transmission Needs To Be Serviced?

One crucial part of your vehicle is the automatic transmission. It's a very complex part with tiny passageways, various solenoids, and various parts that can become damaged. That's why it helps to know some signs that your vehicle's transmission needs to be repaired.

The Transmission Fluid Is Old

Many people make the mistake of not changing the transmission fluid. This is because transmission fluid can sometimes be said to last a lifetime, but people don't understand what that means. This is because transmission fluid is often rated to last the lifetime of a transmission, and the transmission itself is only warrantied for a limited number of miles, which many consider the lifetime of the transmission. 

You should still be changing the transmission fluid approximately every 60,000 to 100,000 miles if your vehicle has an automatic transmission. This will help ensure that the transmission is running smoothly for the foreseeable future. 

The RPMs Go High Before Switching Gears

The beauty of having an automatic transmission is that you don't have to worry about shifting gears as you increase your speed. However, the gears should still shift at the appropriate time. Be concerned if you notice that the RPMs are going higher than usual before the gear shift happens. This can cause the vehicle to jerk a bit when the gears finally do change when the process should be smooth. 

The Transmission Is Leaking Fluid

Pay attention to the fluids that collect underneath your vehicle. If you ever see a dark red fluid in a puddle, know that this is actually transmission fluid. You should never have a transmission fluid leak since a lack of transmission fluid can cause big problems and potentially damage the transmission. You'll need to take the vehicle in to have the leak repaired and more transmission fluid put back into the system.

The Service Engine Soon Light Turns On

A bad transmission can actually trigger some error codes that turn on the service engine soon light.  There are several codes that clearly identify a transmission problem, and you can have the codes ready by a mechanic or a local auto parts store. For example, code P0700 is related to the transmission control system malfunctioning. Code P0218 means that the transmission is overheating.  

Not sure what is happening with your vehicle's transmission, but something still doesn't seem right? Take your vehicle to a local mechanic to have the transmission inspected and repaired. 

For more information on transmission repair, contact a company near you.