4 Surprising Suspension Maintenance Tips To Improve Safety And Fuel Economy

Did you know suspension maintenance is important to keep control of your car and drive safer? Part of the maintenance your suspension needs include changing the brake pads or having the tires changed and balance. Good maintenance to your suspension will not only keep you safe; it will also help improve gas mileage. The following suspension maintenance tips will help you save fuel and improve handling for safer driving:

1. Caring for Your Tires, Balancing Them and Getting Alignments Done

The most important parts of your suspension that need maintenance done are your tires. First, you want to regularly check tire pressure and the treads. When your treads are worn, it is time to have your tires replaced and the rims balanced. In addition, you will want to have an alignment done to ensure good handling and reduce problems with excessive tire wear.

2. Springs and Shocks That Wear Out and Eventually Need to Be Replaced

Springs and shocks are also important components that eventually wear out and affect handling. Eventually, the shocks begin to leak and not absorb the stress of bumps in the road as well, which is when they need to be replaced. One way to check if your shocks need to be replaced is to push down on your car to see if it bounces or if the shocks absorb the pressure when you push down on a corner. If you have shocks that need to be replaced, also check for broken springs, which can be caused by worn shocks.

3. Problems with Rubber Bushings That Wear Out and Can Cause Suspension Damage

The suspension of your car is full of rubber bushings and boots where parts are connected. These are to make the ride smoother and reduce friction that causes damage. Over time, rubber bushings, boots and other synthetic parts will wear out and need to be replaced to ensure your car handles as it should.

4. Routine Greasing and Cleaning of Suspension Parts to Reduce Wear and Prevent Damage

Another part of maintenance that needs to be done to your suspension is greasing the moving parts to reduce friction and wear. In addition, you will want clean parts to reduce wear, which can also be oiled with used motor oil to reduce wear and corrosion.

These are some suspension maintenance tips that will help with fuel economy and improve handling for safer driving. If you need help with maintenance like changing brake pads and inspecting your suspension for wear, contact a brake repair service, likeBuettner Tire & Auto , to ensure your car handles as it should and gets optimal fuel mileage.