Why You Should Have A Ceramic Coating Put On Your Car

A new car is a large financial investment, so you want to protect and maintain your car to preserve its value. One way to do that is to have a ceramic coating applied. This coating protects the paint and makes cleaning your car an easier job. Here's a look at the benefits of ceramic coating your car.

A Ceramic Auto Coating Is An Invisible Barrier

Ceramic coating is a very thin layer of transparent coating that is invisible once it's applied. It goes over the clear coat that's on top of your paint. The coating provides a protective barrier against damage to the paint of your car, and you can have different levels of coating applied. Getting multiple layers increases the cost, but it also helps the coating last for years. A single layer of ceramic coating may wear off in a few years, but in doing so, it sacrifices itself so the paint is protected.

The Coating Protects Against Pollution And Dirt

One benefit of the coating is that it keeps acidic pollution from reaching the paint of your car. It also acts like a slick covering that causes dirt and other debris to slide off the surface of your car more readily. This means your car will be easier to wash and keep clean.

Ceramic Coating Is A Rain And Sun Barrier

The coating also repels rain so it rolls off your car. Rain beads up right away and slides off. Snow doesn't stick to the coating either, so it's quicker and easier to clear your car after a snowstorm. The coating also provides protection from the sun so the car's paint won't fade or suffer from UV damage.

Ceramic Coating Protects Against Mild Scratches

The coating can protect the paint of your car from mild scratches that can be caused by a cat jumping on the hood or driving against bushes. However, the coating doesn't offer complete protection from all scratches, since deep ones caused by an accident can penetrate the coating and paint, too. By offering protection against scratches and providing a barrier against water and UV rays, the coating can also protect your car from rust.

There are several important benefits obtained from having a ceramic coating put on your car. Your car will have an extra layer of protection while allowing the glossy paint to show through. Your car will be much easier to clean since the coating repels dirt, dust, and bird droppings. You'll still need to wash your car regularly to keep the coating clean, but washing it will be a quicker and easier job.