Cleaner Diesel Exhaust With Just A Few Diesel Truck Repairs And Modifications

If your diesel truck seems to be chuffing out a lot of black smoke, you may get into trouble with the smog police. Several states have vehicle regulations requiring smog tests annually. Producing a lot of black smoke means that your truck probably would not pass a smog test right now. Do not worry; you can get cleaner diesel exhaust by making a few diesel truck repairs and/or modifications.

Liquid Engine Cleaner  

Diesel engines can be cleaned just like other vehicle engines. Just make sure that the liquid cleaner that you add to your gas tank specifically says that it is a product for use in diesel vehicles. Otherwise, you could severely damage your engine and actually create even more black exhaust smoke.

Converting to Bio-Diesel Fuel

Some diesel engines can manage a full conversion to bio-diesel fuel without changing any part of the engine. Others may need a few conversion parts to allow the use of bio-diesel fuel. However, converting to this type of fuel significantly reduces the output of toxins found in that foul black smoke your vehicle is currently chuffing out the exhaust pipe(s). Ask your diesel mechanic if it is possible for your vehicle to use bio-diesel fuel as is. If not, you may need the extra conversion parts installed by your diesel mechanic.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

Considering how expensive fines are for failing exhaust and smog tests, the cost of a one-time installation for a DPF is relatively cheap. This extra piece of equipment filters particulates out of your diesel exhaust continually so that the output is much cleaner. The only trouble you may have with it is the fact that every few months the DPF needs to be removed and cleaned by a certified DPF service provider. Unlike some other cleaning options, DPFs need to be baked at an extremely high temperature to obliterate the particulates. Still, by installing a DPF you are avoiding hefty fines and doing your part to keep the air clean.

Replacing the Exhaust

Despite the fact that your vehicle's exhaust is still operational, it is clearly producing too many toxins. This is a sign that failure of the exhaust is imminent. Replacing the exhaust now means that you will not have to worry about the exhaust failing later, nor will you have to worry about flooding the interior of your vehicle with tons of toxic particles when the exhaust finally fails.