3 Signs Your Truck’s Diesel Engine Injector Is Failing

If your diesel truck has started acting up, you may wonder what could be wrong with it that could cause the issue. If so, look for the following three signs that your truck's diesel engine injector is starting to fail:

Increased Crank Time When Starting the Truck

When you turn the key in the ignition to start your truck, you usually expect it to turn over a couple times before the engine fires up. However, if there is a problem with the injector, you may start noticing that it takes longer for this to happen.

If the injector is failing, it is no longer able to give the engine the amount of fuel it needs to start up right away. As a result, the engine may need to crank longer to get enough diesel fuel to start. Eventually, the injector will fail completely, and your truck's engine will not start up at all, no longer how long it cranks.

Odor of Diesel Fuel Is Detected 

Another sign that your diesel engine injector is no longer working properly is when you start detecting the odor of diesel fuel while the engine is cranking. While it is normal to smell a faint odor at first, the smell will become strong and remain even after the truck has started.

This strong diesel fuel odor is caused by the injector not pushing fuel through the nozzle evenly. It may alternate between not giving the engine enough fuel to giving it too much. When the latter occurs, the fuel accumulates inside the engine and does not burn off completely. As a result, you will smell the excess fuel.

Loss of Power When Accelerating

If you are able to get your engine started and are driving down the road, you may also notice a loss of power when you step on the gas pedal. If the injector is not working right or is clogged up, it cannot immediately respond to your request for more fuel and power, slowing down the acceleration of your truck.

You may especially notice a loss of power while trying to go up inclines. Eventually, you may only be able to drive at a steady crawl up a hill, if you can start the engine at all.

If you notice any of the above signs, your diesel engine injector may need to be repaired or replaced. Make an appointment with a diesel engine repair services company so they can inspect your engine and diagnose the problem so they can make the necessary repairs to get your truck working properly once again.