Things That Can Cause Your Vehicle To Fail An Emissions Test

If you happen to live in an area that requires your vehicle to pass an emissions test each year along with the standard inspection, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for this. Should your vehicle fail the test, you will most likely have a limited amount of time to fix the problem before you will be charged again for the additional emission testings. Take a moment to review the following ways in which you will want to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming emissions test.

Take A Drive On The Highway

Whether you simply do not have a need to drive on the highway often, or this is a secondary vehicle that is simply not used as much as other vehicles that you own, you will want to spend a little time driving it on the highway for a few weeks before the scheduled test. The reason for this is because you will have to drive your vehicle much faster on a highway than you would on the roads going through your town or city. This makes a difference because the higher rate of speed will allow the catalytic converter to heat up enough that any gasoline or oil residue will burn off. This helps to increase your chances of your vehicle passing the emissions test.

Find Out The Cause For The Check Engine Light Being On

Never take a vehicle in for an emissions test if the check engine light is currently on. In some states, simply having that light on is enough to fail the test right then and there. Others will allow the mechanic to first see why it is on to determine if the cause is enough of a reason to fail the test. Many times, the check engine light is on because of a bad oxygen sensor. Besides making your vehicle run rough, the bad oxygen sensor will cause a failed emissions test. However, it is an easy fix and it might even be something that you can tend to on your own with the help of an experienced friend or a quality online instructional video. Once the problem is fixed and the check engine light is no longer lighting up, you are ready for the emissions test.

By tending to those things, along with any other matters that pop up, you will find that your vehicle is more likely to pass the emissions test the first time you take it in for it. For more information, check with a repair shop like Silver Star Motors Mercedes-Benz Specialists today.