Professional Window Tinting Is Better Than DIY

You can find tinting kits at automotive stores and on the internet, you may wonder why you should ever take your car in for professional tinting. After all, a DIY kit could save you money and time. The problem is that if you botch your tinting job, it will be nearly impossible to hide the job you've poorly done. In fact, you run the risk of your car wearing the bad tinting like a badge of your ineptitude for years to come. By going to the professionals, you can avoid the tell-tale signs of a bad tint job:


When applying automotive tinting, getting a solid seal between your window and the tinting film is critical. If you don't maintain constant contact with the window, then you can end up with bubbles between the tinting and your window. Not only do these bubbles make it obvious that you botched your tinting, but they can obscure your view of the road. 

A Hazy Shade of Purple

The second problem with doing your own tinting is that not all tinting films are created equal. Low-quality window films will fade overtime and often they fade to a dingy purple color that is significantly less than aesthetically pleasing. A professional window tinter will have access to higher quality products than you will find in most tinting kits, and when you look at a new window-tinting kit, it may be difficult to tell the difference between quality window film and the subpar variety. 

Look at the Edges

A professional window tinter will have templates to cut window film to the exact contours of your window. Matching the film you get from the store to your window with nothing more to guide you than a razor is not the recipe for success. Which means as soon as you roll your windows down, people will be able to see the jagged edges that denote a DIY window tinting project. 

The chief attraction of doing your own window tinting is saving yourself money. However, if all you buy yourself is a constant badge of shame, then what have you really gained? The extra cost that comes with taking your car to a professional window tinter is the cost of peace of mind. In order to make sure that your car looks good for years to come, you should swallow your pride and take your car to the professionals.