Three Tips For Making Sure Your Car Is Ready For Its State Inspection

If you live in a state that requires that your car passes an inspection before you can renew the registration, you may wonder what you can do to ensure that the vehicle is ready. If so, use the following three tips for making sure that your car is ready to pass its state inspection.

Look For Cracks In Your Windshield

While inspecting your car to make sure it is ready for inspection, look for cracks in the glass of the windshield. Even small ones could cause your vehicle to fail because it poses a safety risk since the glass is unstable.

Rapid temperature changes and wind pressure while driving could crack the glass. This shattering could hurt you and your passengers as well as cause you to smash into another vehicle. If you find any cracks in the windshield, you will want to have them repaired before taking your car to the inspection lane.

Have Someone Help You Check Your Exterior Lights

Another thing the vehicle inspector will look at is your exterior lights. These include your headlights, high-beam lights, brake lights, and turn signals. If any one of these has a burnt out bulb, your car may not pass.

To check the lights, ask a friend or family member to check them while you turn each light on. If any bulbs are burnt out or not as bright as they should be, replace them. If the lights still do not come on correctly, you may have a wiring issue that should be looked at by an automotive specialist before the inspection.

Check Your Brakes

Being able to stop quickly is another thing the official will check during the inspection. They will ask you to speed up to a specified speed for a short distance and have you slam on the brakes to see if your car can stop.

To check your brakes, choose a deserted stretch of road to test them. Then, simulate the test by speeding up for about 10 feet, then slamming your brakes. If you are unable to stop suddenly, have someone inspect your brakes and rotors to see if they need to be replaced.

Using the above tips to check your car can help you be prepared beforehand for the inspection. However, if you find a problem or want to be completely sure it is ready, you may want to take your vehicle to an auto service that specializes in preparing cars for state inspections so they can fix any issues that could cause it to fail. 

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