2 Ways To Save Money On Auto Body Repair

Auto repairs are often a very unexpected and unpleasant surprise for many people, mostly due to the generally high cost of most auto body repair jobs. However, there are a few ways to save money when getting body work done on your vehicle, such as the two listed below.

Ask If Paintless Dent Repair Is Possible

One of the most common types of body work that you are likely to need on your vehicle is dent repair, mostly because most vehicles are not all that difficult to dent. Sadly, your vehicle is also likely to become dented quite often due to individuals at your local store parking lot, the parking lot at your job, or the parking around your home not being careful and just hitting your vehicle as they get in and out of their vehicles.

Whenever you need to have a dent repaired on your vehicle, you can save quite a bit of money by inquiring as to whether or not the auto body shop is capable of performing paintless dent repair on the type of dent that you have. This option can save you money in several different ways, with the biggest way being that it requires much less labor on the part of the mechanic or repair technician. The reason for this is that the paintless dent repair process does not require the repair technician to sand off the existing paint, utilize body filler, and then repaint the area to fix the dent.

Source Your Own Replacement Parts

Another way to save money on auto body repair is to source your own replacement parts. One of the reasons that auto body repair can be so pricey is that the body shop is often going to work to get original parts for your vehicle directly from the manufacturer. While this is not typically a bad thing, it may not be the best option for you if you need to repair your vehicle on a budget.

As a result, you may want to consider shopping around for any aftermarket parts or used parts that fit your vehicle whenever you need to have any body work done. Many of these aftermarket or used parts will cost a tiny fraction of the price that the parts directly from the manufacturer will cost. In most cases, installing aftermarket or used parts won't be a problem for the auto body repair shop because they really won't care what kind of parts are used in the repair process as long as they actually fit the car and you bring them the parts to use.

Speak with a local shop such as Coachman Auto Body to discuss what can be done to save you a bit of money on your repairs. Asking if paintless dent repair is possible and sourcing your own replacement parts are two very effective ways of saving money on auto body repairs.