Caring For Your Car In Differnet Types Of Weather

If you live in an area that sees extreme highs or extreme lows, then you want to do your very best to protect your car from damage caused by such conditions as these. The information that's offered in this article can help you to keep your car in good working condition regardless of the weather conditions you happen to live in.

Keeping your car running right in hot weather

Keep up with the fluids – Your fluids can go faster in hot weather, and when it's very hot this means they can become low much sooner than you would expect. This is why you need to check them at least once a month in extreme heat, especially the water which can evaporate the fastest. When it's extremely hot, you'll even want to check the water in the cells of your battery. This is something you may not need to worry about at all in milder climates.

Get your tires balanced and rotated sooner – You should take your car in to have the tires balanced and rotated sooner in extreme heats. This way, the tire technician can give you fair warning when the tires are starting to look like they need replacing soon since the very hot asphalt can wear them out faster.

Keep your car protected from the direct heat – You should park your car in the garage so it's not sitting in direct sunlight where the electrical elements can slowly get damaged, the paint can get bleached, and the interior can become brittle. You should also use a windshield visor when you do have to park in the sun so you can protect the dashboard from cracking and the seats from becoming damaged. Always choose parking under a shade tree over parking in the sun when you have the choice.

Keeping your car running right in cold weather

Keep a windshield scraper in your car – You want to make sure you use a windshield scraper that's been designed for your windshield to scrape off frost, ice and snow. Never pour warm water on the windshield because this can cause it to break.

Use a battery warmer – You may want to use a battery warmer to keep your car's battery in good working condition when it's extremely cold.

Park the car in the garage when it's very cold – Make a habit out of parking in the garage when it's very cold outside so you can avoid having the gas freeze on you or needing to deal with other damage such as cracked parts. It is important to point out that you should run a heat source in the garage to keep it warmer than the outside temperature if it gets extremely cold.

Always care for the brakes

No matter what the weather is, you want to be sure the brakes are always kept in good condition. This is why you should take the car in to have a free brake inspection when you have the chance.