Reasons Your Car’s AC Isn’t Blowing Chilled Air

If it seems like your car's air conditioner takes a long time to cool you off, or if the air isn't as cold as it used to be, you should take it to the shop at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, the problem may continue to escalate until your air conditioner gives out totally on a very hot day. Getting your air conditioner serviced is usually a quick procedure, especially if you go to a shop that's dedicated to working on auto AC units. A car air conditioner is usually something you can't fix on your own. Here are some of the things that might be wrong.

Low On Refrigerant

Under ideal conditions, your car's air conditioner should blast cold air for many years. However, even if you have a brand new car, if the refrigerant starts leaking, the AC can't make cold air. Just like your home air conditioning system, the refrigerant is an essential part of the process that makes chilled air. If it is low, that means there's a leak somewhere that has to be found and repaired. You may not notice a leak or even be able to detect it, but an AC shop has equipment that is able to pinpoint the problem quite easily. Once that's done, the refrigerant is refilled and your air conditioner works like new.

Bad Compressor Or Condenser

The compressor and condenser are two parts of your car's AC system that help the refrigerant cool the air. These parts are checked when there is a refrigerant leak because they are likely culprits if something goes wrong with your AC. Either one of these parts can leak or go bad. In addition to the air not chilling, other things you may notice when the parts aren't functioning are unusual noises when you run the AC, and unpredictable operation. Sometimes your AC may work fine and other times it may not turn on at all. Repairing your AC is not as simple as topping off the refrigerant if the car has a bad AC compressor or condenser.

While these are some common parts of your car's air conditioner that can develop problems, the AC system actually has many parts to it including the accumulator, evaporator, valves, and tubing. When something goes wrong with any of these parts, it affects the performance of your AC, but it isn't possible to identify the problem until you have your car inspected. Since chilled air is important during the hot summer months, you'll want to have the AC serviced at the first signs of trouble. That way you won't wilt on your way to work or expose your kids to hot temperatures in your car. Contact a company like Modern Auto Air to learn more.