Driving Cross Country In A FWD? Don’t Use A Donut If You Get A Flat Tire Or You Could Damage Your Differential & Transmission

If you are planning a cross country trip and only have a space saving spare tire (donut) for your front wheel drive (FWD) vehicle, you may want to consider getting a regular-sized spare instead . . . just in case you get a flat tire somewhere along the way. Driving on a donut can damage your differential and transmission. Here's what happens to the drivetrain when you drive on a donut and how to avoid unsafe driving conditions if you get a flat tire on your long trip. Read More 

Auto Repair: 3 Tips To Save Money

Much of your modern life depends on reliable transportation. Today's modern vehicles are designed to last 10 years or over 200,000 miles. Getting your vehicle to this milestone, however, requires some proactive preventative maintenance. Unless you're a mechanic, this means making friends with a local auto repair shop like Soundside Automotive.  When you take your vehicle to your local auto repair shop, here are 3 easy ways to save money:   Read More 

Making Your Meals To Go: Equipping Your RV Kitchen

Making the transition to living in an RV full time is a major change. What you've become accustomed to in your kitchen at home is going to be overwhelming in an RV space. The goal to stocking an RV kitchen efficiently lies in your use of available space. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the space in your RV's kitchen. Start With a Plan Read More 

LED Matrix Headlights: Why Auto Manufacturers Are Pushing for a US Law Change

From autonomous braking to backup cameras and lane-departure warning sounds, today's auto manufacturers offer vehicle safety features like never before. Some promising safety features, however, never make the US market because of tight and arguably outdated federal regulations. Read on to learn about the brilliance of LED matrix headlights and why auto manufacturers are doing everything they can to get the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to revamp the rules of the road. Read More 

Dent Repair At Home - 2 Body Filler Tips

About 10 million automobile accidents occur each and every year, and this means that you are likely to find yourself involved in one of these accidents at some point in your life. High-speed accidents and roadside crashes commonly require extensive auto body or collision repairs afterwards to restore your vehicle to its previous condition. If a slight fender bender, parking lot accident, or other low-speed incident occurs though, then you may be left with merely a few dings and dents. Read More