Three Warning Signs Of A Bad Clutch

For a manual transmission vehicle, having a properly functioning clutch is critical to switch gears. If your clutch is slipping or beginning to fail, you may end up in a bad spot while on the road. Your auto mechanic can help you with any repairs you need, but it's a good idea to know the warning signs so you can have the vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. Here are some of the warning signs you can look for.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

If your vehicle shakes as you shift gears, there may be a problem with the clutch. Take your vehicle for a test drive in a parking lot and attempt to shift gears at a low speed to see how it responds. If the car lurches or shakes when you are in the proper gear, it may be time to see a mechanic. You may also experience difficulty shifting from one gear to another. In this case, you may want to have the vehicle towed so you don't end up stalled or disabled on the road. This issue may require a complete clutch replacement.

No Change In RPM

Your RPM helps you to know when to shift gears. As the RPM goes up, you ideally want to shift into a higher gear. But, in a malfunctioning clutch, the RPM may not change. To test this theory, downshift from third to second gear and keep an eye on the tachometer. If it doesn't indicate a higher RPM almost immediately, you may be experiencing clutch failure. You know how your car typically responds, so any change may be a warning that it's time to have it inspected for trouble.

Unresponsive Clutch Pedal

Your clutch pedal should respond when you take your foot off while driving. If you have to release your foot completely to let the clutch out, this may be an indication of a slipping clutch. Failure to tend to this issue may mean that you end up not being able to release the clutch at all, which can lead to problems while on the road. You may also experience problems with the clutch sticking to the floor where it will not disengage. This will prevent you from being able to switch gears as you drive.

If you've never taken on auto repairs before, you may want to consider having your car looked at by an experienced mechanic. Don't let clutch problems go unattended, as it can result in your car switching gears unexpectedly while you are in traffic. Visit a site like to learn more.